Sunday, August 13, 2006

Meaning of Myth and Fairytales

Reading _A Return to Love_, the author Marianne Williamson quotes Jung in saying that we must examine the fairytales or myths we were attracted to as a child, for they will tell us about ourselves and our lives as adults. This assertion was interesting to me, so I began my own tale interpretation. What of my favorite fairytale, the _The 12 Dancing Princesses_? That I have yet to figure out, but a unique feature of the story is that it has no one main character--perhaps sparking my interest in sociology.

One interpretation of _Cinderella_ that I read stated that _Cinderella_ is about a girl who has princess-like qualities as her natural state, but in her darkened cinder-sitting state has forgotten her perfection. This is not unlike the Hindu assertion that humans are perfect reflections of God, but have merely forgotten their perfection (Atman=Brahman).


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