Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Most-Cited Paper

I am excited to report that Jay's paper, "Three-dimensional shape searching: state-of-the-art review and future trends" has just been awarded the most-cited paper of the year award. I remember that Jay and the late Natraj Iyer collaborated, pulling all-nighters in the lab to complete and revise the paper, and I am very proud of their achievement. This award is just more evidence that hard work always pays off.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Colts are Headed to the Superbowl

Jay’s beloved Indianapolis Colts won the playoff and are headed to the Superbowl! Nobody thought that the Colts would win, but to watch the score creep up and up edging towards a tie was exciting. The touchdown that brought the win is still etched in my mind. To see the Colts beat the Patriots was particularly thrilling for an old Packer fan like me who still recalls the miracle Superbowl where Green Bay beat the Patriots. Watching Jay cheer his team, I could almost see my late father cheering on his Pack.